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Texas Labor Analysis is an online Regional Occupational Analysis Tool, that can provide insights into the labor workforce statistics, and the potential sources that can match the anticipated labor force demands.
The application can produce reports on long term or short-term demand, wage statistics, graduate, and job-seeker data. These different data points can be analyzed separately, for Texas statewide, or by Workforce Division.

Texas Labor Analysis is brought to you by the Labor Market and Career Information (LMCI) department of the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).

The data used in Texas Labor Analysis is drawn from many sources:
THECB: Graduate and Enrollment data
HWOL: Monthly help wanted ads
WIT: Potential job seekers
BLS: Occupation information
LMCI: Employment statistics and wage information, and projections

Since the data used in Texas Labor Analysis comes from various sources, they are updated at different time intervals. The update frequencies for the sources are as below:
THECB: Annually
HWOL: Monthly
WIT: Monthly
LMCI: Wage and Employment details are updated annually. Projections are updated every 2 years

Texas Labor Analysis uses various sources for potential supply and labor demand. This data is collected by region (WDA). Using this data, occupations can be analyzed for probable surplus or shortage in labor. The application analyzes the two types of labor gap with the available data.

Real-time Gap: (Monthly data from HWOL) - (Monthly data from WIT)
This is the difference between current supply data from WIT and current monthly demand from HWOL.

Annual Gap: (Average annual openings) - (Annual Graduate data from THECB)
This is the difference between supply data from THECB which is the annual graduate data and demand data of average annual openings that are estimated from the Projections data from LMCI.

You can find the list and definitions in the Glossary section.

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